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Modified on Thu, 01 Dec 2022 at 01:39 PM

Automate product video creation with an E-Commerce template feature. Use our well-prepared designed templates or create your own customized template that will be available only for you! You can use it as a template for E-Commerce content generation right in the builder. 

How does an e-commerce template work?

Custom e-commerce templates will streamline video content production according to your own style that will be the most suitable for your brand. The personalized design will put your product or service in the greatest light! 

Our e-commerce feature allows the user to generate narrated videos based on provided information about your product and uploaded media. Create your own template, edit it the way you need, publish and use it in your builder for an e-commerce option. Custom templates will scale and automate the process of video creation. 

Why do we need personal templates?

    •  Custom design

Does your brand have a special style, color spectrum, and logo? Custom template will keep them all so you will not have to bother yourself with manual editing. Create it once and then exploit it whenever you need right in your builder. Choose your own design, upload media, and personalize your template according to your needs. 

    •  Predictability

E-Commerce template helps you to understand, predict and control the final result to get favorable outcomes. Thanks to Custom template, you can easily turn your product description into a product overview video with automatic edits suitable for your design and style. Get exactly what you want in a few clicks! 

    •  Scalability
With Elai video content scaling is easier than it seems! This time-saving solution is perfect for your video marketing campaign. Based on the Custom template you can create product promo videos to show the best sides of all your services and products.

    •  Automation

Automate the video generation process through our API access. Implement Elai into your software or website to be able to make videos in bulk. Custom template will even accelerate the process of video creation. In addition, you will be always in touch with our tech team in case of API-related questions. 

We also support Zapier integration. Zapier is a solution for no-code workflow automation that lets you create content faster. 

How to create an e-commerce template?

This is how you can create your Custom template effortlessly by following the simple instructions below:

  1. Go to Templates
  2. Click + New template and choose the E-commerce templates field
  3. Choose Blank template
  4. Customize it according to the general requirements mentioned below. If you have any inappropriate elements or something is missing, the pop-up window with some recommendations will appear to help you fix your slides before publishing
  5. Publish your template so it will automatically appear in your builder
  6. Create + New video, pick E-commerce, add product title and product description, upload the photos, select your template, and enjoy!

General requirements and restrictions

Take into consideration the requirements for e-commerce template creation:

- create a slide with one header and one image

- create a slide with one header and two-three images

- create a slide with one header, one subheader, and more than 2 images

- create a slide with one image and without any headers

Pay attention to those restrictions:

- Maximum 3 images per slide for an E-Commerce template

- Maximum 2 header types on each slide based on different font sizes: header and subheader

- Every header on the slide should be greater than 14 characters and cover the maximum available space for better scaling large text (with extra characters, empty lines, etc.)

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