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Elaultra-realistic voices in our new user-friendly language menu are available for Advanced and Corporate plans users. Now you can make your videos even more dazzling by selecting from a variety of tags to get the perfect voice for your needs. 

Now you can choose from the following categories:

- upbeat

- promo

- narration

- conversational 

- fast-paced

- calm

- slow-paced

- child

If you are wondering how to make pronunciation sound just right with Elai, just check the tips below:

1. How to add a longer pause between words when the sentence doesn't have the right rhythm.

Voice actors don’t read sentences exactly how they’re written. They add brief pauses in places where commas don’t exist, and they may pause to take a short breath. 

If you need to insert a pause in the audio, use the right mouse button where you need it. A pop-up menu appears so you can Cut, Copy and Paste the text, add Variables or put a Pause automatically as premium voices support SSML tags. 

Alternatively, you can also put pauses by utilizing commas and periods to achieve a natural sound:

  •  Commas

Commas add pauses in places where a voice actor would make a small, subtle pause. If you find the AI struggling to make a good prediction for adding pauses, insert commas in these places

  •  Periods

Periods create a pause as well as a downward inflection. They are best used to break a long sentence up into two pieces, allowing the AI to better predict which words to emphasize.

2. How can I get the AI to put more emphasis on a word or phrase?

Quotation marks let you shape the emphasis of your sentence. When you place a word or phrase in quotation marks (" "), the AI knows to pay particular attention to those words. 

3. How do I get the AI to pronounce my acronym correctly?

Acronyms (or individual letters) may need to be spelled phonetically to get the right sound.     Some acronyms are pronounced as a word (NASA), while others aren’t (NBA). Sometimes the AI gets this right, but when it doesn’t, try one of these approaches:

  • Acronym as a word

If you want an acronym pronounced like a word, but the AI is spelling it out, spell the acronym like a word.

For example:

ASAP ----- eigh-sap 

  • Acronyms as individual letters

If you want an acronym spelled out, but the AI is pronouncing it like a word, add spaces
between the letters.

For example:    

Add your notes to the MOM document 

4. How do I get the right pronunciation? I can’t get the AI to say a specific word the way I need it to sound

Try spelling the word the way it sounds, or break it up into syllables.

  • Shorter Words

For a shorter word, try spelling the word the way it sounds. 

For example, edamame sounds best when you enter edamomay.

  • Longer Words

For a longer word, try breaking it up by syllables, then change the syllable that isn’t sounding right.

 For example, acromioclavicular sounds best when you type “a chromio clavickular” (including quotation marks).

5. How can I get the AI to say numbers? I want the AI to say 2020 as “twenty-twenty,” but it’s saying “two thousand twenty.

Let’s take, for example, the number 1246. This can be a reference number, a page number, a dollar amount, or a year. 

  • Reference numbers or pages:

You may need to spell out symbols and use spaces between numbers to help the AI make accurate predictions. If you want it to read as “twelve forty-six,” type 12 46.

If the reference number 1246 should be read as “one two four six,” type 1 2 4 6.

  • Dollar amounts:

With dollar amounts, write the words in the order they are read: $12.46 sounds best as 12 dollars and 46 cents.

  • Years:

If you want 1246 to be read as twelve forty-six, enter 12 46

  • Phone numbers:

A simple way to get the AI to read a number as a phone number is to add spaces or dashes between the number. For (206) 555-3131 you would just enter it as "2 0 6 - 5 5 5 - 3 1 3 1"

6. The AI keeps emphasizing the wrong syllable. How do I fix that?

Quotation marks let you shape the emphasis of your sentence.

When you place a word or phrase in quotation marks, the AI knows to pay particular attention to those words. Try placing the syllable you’d like to have emphasized in quotation marks. 

For example: 

If you want the AI to say “PROduce,” as in vegetables, but it’s saying “proDUCE” instead, try entering “pro” duce

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