How to create Selfie Avatar?

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Follow those instructions to create your own high-quality Selfie Avatar with Elai!

The process of Selfie Avatar creation may be divided into 2 stages:

  • Technical preparations
  • Video recording 


Here are some steps on how to prepare your smartphone and other equipment for video recording:

  • Wipe your camera or your smartphone.
  • The camera should film in Ultra HD (4K) or at least 1080p Full HD. Here you can see some instructions on how to get the highest resolution:

    For IOS users

    1. Open Settings
    2. Swipe down and tap Camera
    3. Tap Record Video
    4. Select 4K at 30FPS

    For Android users

    1. Launch the camera application
    2. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner
    3. Select Settings
    4. Find the Video section and tap on Back camera video resolution
    5. Select UHD 4k and now you will be shooting 4K video

  • Make sure your camera supports 30FPS.
  • Professional lighting equipment and a movie lamp set would be a winning move. Remember that your avatar will look just like you in the video so pay attention to your body gestures because the light may change.  
  • Check your makeup and pick an appropriate outfit. We will not be able to change the avatar’s look later. 
  • Choose a proper natural background so it would be easier for our team to cut your Avatar out from the video. At Elai you can keep your background or have it removed. 
  • Use a tripod for a stable picture and try to keep your camera in the same spot.
  • Be calm, natural and confident. 

Filming stage

At the next stage, you should be completely prepared to record video footage. The duration of the video has to be about 3 minutes of you speaking. Our AI-driven system is going to learn how your month and especially your teeth move. 

Follow the requirements below to make perfect footage:

  • Speech should be 2-3 minutes long;
  • Your movements should be natural and calm. You can use a few gestures and facial movements, but don't be too expressive. Expressive head and body movements won't match the speech and make it look less natural;
  • Always look at your camera/phone during the shot and try to keep it in the same spot;
  • Your speech topic and the language choice do not matter. Just tell about anything to feel comfortable;
  • Make small pauses (1-3 seconds). Do them when you finish with an idea so they feel natural. 4-5 pauses per speech would be enough. Pauses should be natural and with the mouth closed;
  • To make the quality even better, you can also record additional 1-2 minutes of more expressive and amplitude movements of your mouth, so our AI can learn how your mouth and your teeth look and move. Don’t be shy to open your mouth widely here.

Upload your footage

Make sure you keep the quality of your recording. The best way to do it is to save your file in any cloud storage. To get your Avatar created, you need to upload the link to your file.

As an option, you can use Google Drive. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Log in to your Google Drive account.
  2. Go to “My Drive” and create a “New Folder”.
  3. Name it “Selfie Avatar”.
  4. Upload your file to your folder.
  5. Click on your folder and choose “Get a link”.
  6. Open the general access to the link by clicking on “Anyone with the link”.
  7. Copy the link to your folder and upload it to the Selfie Avatar page.

Turn your creative ideas into reality with your best-looking Selfie Avatar!

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